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What is That Crazy MegaDelayMass MAX/MSP Patch!?

After we started working on MegaDelayMass it became clear that it could be a cool and powerful resonation engine for creating really dirty sounds thru processing.

Which is true. The first couple of audio examples on the MegaDelayMass page demonstrate that pretty well.

Here, for free as a proof of concept, is the little MAX/MSP I wrote so I'd be able to "play" the resonation generated by playing a drum loop thru MegaDelayMass while controlling the plug-in's "Delay Duration" parameter with a USB keyboard (something I'd been doing for years with an old Boss digital delay and a lot of regenerative feedback, "playing" the resulting resonation by changing the delay time by hand).

While writing the MAX patch took an hour or so, making a version worth inflicting on anyone took considerably more time. Every door opens another door. And so on.

To make this work you'll need to download and install the Max 5 Runtime.
MAX/MSP is a visual, object oriented programming environment - currently in version 5

The Max 5 Runtime is a free "play only" version of MAX/MSP - meaning people who own full blown versions of MAX/MSP can write "patches" that, can be "run" for free. You can find it here: http://www.cycling74.com/downloads/

While there, look for the Max 5.x.x Runtime for OS X or Windows.

This MAX patch assumes you've already downloaded the MegaDelayMass VST plug-in from this site,

The README in the .zip file goes into a little more depth. A much more detailed explanation of what's going on here is available thru the blog entitled It's All About Control...

Please feel free to write with questions or comments: proaudio@intdevices.com

Good Luck!

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