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What is The Time Modulator?

CONTROL TIME ITSELF! - with The Marshall Time Modulator (now in a convenient, cross-platform plug-in size!)

Once in a while something is created that is so good, so unbelievably useful, it becomes "timeless"...

The Marshall Time Modulator is one of those creations. Before there was much "digital" anything, and before records were considered something anachronistic and nostalgia evoking, back when "Dark Side of the Moon" was new and Hip-Hop kind of a distant dream, Stephen St. Croix had an idea: What would happen if you took the the longest analog delay line possible, gave it the greatest signal to noise ratio in a piece of outboard gear, and then made the modulation of it possible over such a wide range that it could effect sound in ways sublime AND outrageous. Something so utilitarian and necessary that it could fit in equally well on Stevie Wonder's "Songs in the Key of Life," or as the means of giving extra gravitas to the sound of a bad acid trip. Stephen called it: The Marshall Time Modulator. You'll call it "indispensable".

PRESS: In Feb 2010, the prestigious magazine Sound on Sound reviewed our current trio of plug-ins and had this to say about the Marshall Time Modulator: "Even in plug-in form, the Marshall Time Modulator is still the flanger par excellence... ". More at Sound on Sound (subscription required)

Music Radar just gave the Marshall Time Modulator plug-in 4.5 out of 5 stars! Go see!

Our Marshall Time Modulator plug-in just received a 9/10 from Computer Music UK - This sums up their thoughts nicely: "... superb spacious ethereal effects... MTMs vinatge emulation hits the spot, making it a great compliment to modern delay and modulation effects"
See it in digital print here!

Our first review!

FREE ALERT: new patch bank for the Time Modulator available HERE showcasing some of the more extreme modulation options :)

If you'd like, here's a full-size interface picture

--> This is a cross-platform VST plug-in. Other formats will follow.

By the way, if after hearing our faithful emulation of this awesome hardware you feel you need to get an actual Marshall Time Modulator of your very own, go to David Kulka's website where you can often find reconditioned Marshall Time Modulators for sale.

We’ll say this much: there is no flange like it, and hasn’t been for the past 25 years.

  • Two separate delay lines, in a ratio of 1:2 or 1:4., each with their own volume, phase and pan controls and a joint feedback control.
  • Once modulation is added, the ratios between the delay lines don’t change, but together the delay lines can be continuously swept over the range from minimum to maximum time over the LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) rate. This is a function of the interaction between the Time Delay, Preset, Time Modulation, LFO Shape and LFO Speed parameters working together.
  • from subtle thickening, to reverb loving "spin", to the sound of vinyl left out on the hood of an '84 Camaro in the Black Rock Desert in the last week of August, The Marshall Time Modulator has all the bases covered - and then some.

    NOTE: Although all of our plug-ins work fully for 8 days before purchase is required for continued use, our plug-ins require PACE drivers for copy protection - Drivers are available here
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